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A Precision Agronomy and Agro-knowledge platform

ScanTask has developed AgriTask, the world's most flexible agronomic platform, which is presently serving a great variety of crops at over 25% of major growers in Israel, and at some of the largest ag-corporates in the world: vegetables, field crops, orchards and citrus plantations, grape growers, greenhouse flowers, forestry nurseries, national pest protection projects of governmental organizations, field logistics of pulp companies, etc.

AgriTask is field and customer-proven worldwide for simplicity of implementation, intuitiveness, and ease of dissemination. It is a simultaneously trilingual platform, English and any two other languages, allowing field workers and managers to use the system in their preferred language.

The system provides: a comprehensive view of any field and forecast information of interest at any stage in the agricultural production chain; flexibility in supervising mobile workers and their activities; real time monitoring of geo-spatial risk factors and customizable analyses of the aggregated data.

AgriTask helps in mitigating agricultural risks, improving farmers' profitability and in enabling remote supervision and benchmarking of remote growers for food conglomerates, financial institutions and governments.

Farmers and managers using AgriTask across the world report significantly (18% to 40%) reduced use of pesticides and substantial savings from prevention of damage to crops and of development of resistant pests. Moreover, AgriTask helps in improving field workers' efficiency, and verifying actual activities versus the planned ones.

Financial and insurance institutions benefit from access to a reliable dynamic picture of crop status and a multitude of real time benchmarking analyses that can provide critical insights to decision makers.

For Emerging markets, AgriTask is Simple to implement, Intuitive to use and Easy to disseminate to farmers in developing countries, for whom it can immediately provide easy to follow best practices, and remote consulting. Emerging Market producers demand flexibility as large majority of them deal with concurrent multi crops to diversify their Ag portfolio, and ScanTask's ability to add new crop implementations globally in less than a month is unheard off.

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AgriTask’s new global website will be la…


AgriTask’s new global website will be launched in the coming months

Stay tuned to learn about AgriTask’s on-going global activities and customer-proven solutions that has uniquely won both: Small and large growers in a great variety of crops worldwide Huge ag-corporates and global...

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AgriTask version 6.0 was released


AgriTask version 6.0 is ScanTask Precision Agriculture answer to “the world’s biggest under-supervised production-factory”. As world farmers will not like to deal with multiple technological systems, change their work routines...

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ScanTask is rapidly growing worldwide


AgriTask stands out as a crop agnostic system, which is field and customer proven at large and medium producers worldwide. AgriTask is presently serving over 25% of the major growers...

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New solution for monitoring greenhouses


ScanTask introduces a new and unique solution for monitoring in flower greenhouses. The new solution offers rapid and reliable data input, flexible and quantified measurements and automatic reports providing analytical...

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AgriTask version 5.2 was released


The new version of AgriTask introduces support for pivot tables, two new types of maps, ability to mark measurements as requiring attention and more.

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